Fabio Scherer completed his first season in the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2021. In the second part of his season review, he looks back to Le Mans and the two races in Bahrain.

You came to Le Mans as the leaders in LMP2. What did you expect there?
Le Mans is phenomenal. As a driver, you simply have to experience this race. And it can’t be compared to anything I’ve experienced so far. The impressions are gigantic. And yes, you go there as a rookie and you have a lot of respect.

Unfortunately, the race didn’t go well for you. You had a technical issue in the middle of the night. Tell us!
Our race wasn’t bad until this issue, but we didn’t necessarily have luck on our side. Two full-course yellow phases slowed us down. And we had to make up time twice. When I was sitting in the car and just drove through “Indianapolis”, suddenly all the lights in the cockpit went out. That was not a particularly great moment. And then all I heard was, “Box, box, box!” I hoped that it was just a small issue. But unfortunately we were in the pits for two hours.

How did you experience the remaining hours? You knew that you had no chance of winning the class.
That was certainly not easy. But because I didn’t have that much driving time over the year, I still enjoyed every minute. And we proved again in the remaining hours that we had the speed. But that’s just it: At Le Mans, speed alone is not enough.

After Le Mans there was a big break. At least for the FIA WEC. You were still driving Porsche Supercup at the same time. How difficult was this switch?
It was like night and day. At least in terms of performance. And in terms of driving style, the difference was about as big as between a downhill race and a slalom. In the Porsche you have to throw the car into the corner. In LMP2, you have to pay much more attention to a round and perfect line.

The last two races were both in Bahrain. That wasn’t ideal, was it?
No, it wasn’t. I would have loved to race at Fuji. That’s an old-school track. And such tracks suit me more than circuits like Bahrain, for example. I missed the corners where you really need balls. And you have to watch out for tyre degradation all the time. 

With two fourth places you couldn’t be happy. What went wrong?
For Bahrain, you have to build a car that harmonises perfectly with the tyres. And not focus on performance. Filipe’s pole position showed that we managed this balancing act on one lap, but not over the distance. We had to take more speed out of the car to get through the laps than we would have liked.

What was your impression of Team United Autosports?
A great team. Very professional. With a clear structure and a clear scheme. For me as a newcomer, it was the perfect team. I was able to learn a lot and am very grateful for that. At the end of the day, we all deserved more than what we got in the end.

What are your plans for the future?
The season with United Autosports has strengthened my belief that I am on the right track in sports cars. I can’t say at the moment what the next step will be. There are a few options. The only thing that is certain is that I will continue with the sports cars. I still have a score to settle with Le Mans!


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