Fabio Scherer completed his first season in the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2021. In the first part of his season review, he looks back to the first three races.

How did you manage the switch to LMP2?
Very well, actually. I sat in and felt comfortable right from the start. I think my year in DTM made the switch relatively easy. The cars have similarities. That helped. But of course there were also one or two changes. The races are longer than the ones I’ve driven so far. Then there are the driver changes, which were new for me. And the fact that I had to share the car with two other drivers.

With sports cars, you always hear about “lift and coast”. What does that mean and how quickly did you get used to it?
Lift and coast is about letting off the gas before braking and letting the car roll into the corner to save energy and fuel. This kind of driving was a bit unusual for me at first. But with time I got used to. And if you do it right, you don’t lose much time on a lap. You can stay out longer and delay the pit stop. In Bahrain, you could certainly do an extra lap that way.

How was it for you to share the car with two other drivers?
As I said, it was a bit unusual. But we harmonised very well as a team. Of course, we didn’t always agree. But that’s normal. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to Filipe and Phil. They helped me a lot and made my entry into the world of sportscar racing easier.

You won the season opener at Spa in superior style. Were the other competitors not ready or were you so strong?
I think we did our homework very well over the winter. And when it started, we were there. In general, we were very strong wherever aerodynamics were required. I think it’s fair to say that we were the strongest at the races in Europe.

Spa is your favourite circuit. How did it feel in a LMP2?
Very good. The car was a bit hectic and nervous, but it was fun. It was also great to drive in traffic. Although I still believe that the DTM car had a bit more to offer in terms of challenge and fun factor at Spa.

After that came Portugal. Instead of being in the car, you were in quarantine in a hotel room because of a positive Corona test. How difficult was that to accept?
That was actually unacceptable – a real nightmare. Especially because I felt good. Besides, I travelled to Portugal with a clear conscience and a negative test. I couldn’t believe that I was positive. And the time in quarantine was not fun. I followed the race on TV, but I couldn’t watch the whole time.

You also knew after Portugal that you couldn’t become world champion anymore. Did that affect your morale?
Yes, because I knew that now it was all up to Le Mans. If I wanted to have a good season, I had to succeed in the 24 Hours. Of course, that put even more pressure on me than there already was.

In Monza you celebrated your second victory of the season. Were you as superior there as you were in Spa?
Monza was like a new start for me. I wasn’t in the car for two months because of the Corona break in Portugal. That was not easy. But I was highly motivated. And when I noticed that I was the fastest in the field after three laps on used tyres, that built me up.


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