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During the seventh round of this year’s DTM season it finally worked out. Fabio Scherer scored his first points at Zolder, Belgium, with a brilliant drive. With some distance he looks back on his performance of last weekend.

You needed a lot of patience before it finally worked out with the first points. How was that for you?
Fabio Scherer:
“That’s right. And it didn’t just took time, it stressed me also. I knew that we could make it. But the gaps in DTM are extremely narrow. Everything has to fit. Otherwise you are not able to gain points as a rookie. The relief that we finally scored points was balm on the wounds.

Nico Müller also scored a fifth place in his first DTM season.
“I didn’t even know that. And this shows once again that as a racing driver you do your own thing. I rarely look to the left or right. And I think this guy has achieved that and this one drives there. A few former competitors from joint Formula 3 days are knocking on the door to Formula 1 at the moment, but I do not compare myself to them. The initial position is different for everyone. Some are lucky and can succeed in a junior program. I try to do it my way.”

This weekend DTM will be racing again in Zolder. What are your hopes?
“The weather forecast promises better weather than last weekend. After the experiences we made here and at the Nürburgring, I hope for dry conditions. In both races in Zolder I started from the very back of the grid. We definitely want to avoid that this weekend. And in dry conditions we should be able to do that. Everything else – we have to see and wait. In racing anything is possible. Last Sunday is the best example of this. We were in the right place at the right time.”

You stayed in Belgium and didn’t return to Switzerland because of Corona. How did you pass the time?
“I did some sports. You can do that very well everywhere. And there is no danger of getting infected with Corona. I also went karting once to train my reflexes. And I also spent time reading congratulations and answering e-mails. I was very happy about the positive feedback. I hope I can satisfy my fans again this weekend.”


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